Are Landlines History?

I’ve just had a read of one of the latest CF blogs: Are Landlines History? - Compare Fibre

With copper on the way out, what are the best VoIP replacements for the home?

Interesting linked to this one is the fact that land line PRICES have been steadily increasing in last few years and most people mainly don’t notice this cost when switching as are mainly looking at the monthly deal cost. The average line rental has risen approximately 56% since 2009 where as broadband has reduced by about 73%

Once broadband and line rental cost are combined each month it means the relative price a consumer pays has stayed the same.

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This is really interesting. It’s becoming a redundant technology so I wonder why’s it going up? Perhaps with so few people using it they’re having to raise the cost to cover running it. :thinking:

or is it because it isn’t mentioned when searching for costs and it is in small print meaning suppliers can change that cost with out it being noticed?

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So Broadband looks like better value but in reality, they are getting roughly the same amount! Great pricing strategy!