What is means tested broadband and why is it important?

Since school children are currently learning from home, I have been hearing about ‘means tested broadband’. Can someone tell me about what it means and why it is so important? Thanks.

Some households are struggling with low-income and as such can’t afford broadband. Which is ridiculous, as these days it’s like a basic utility for most like water, gas, and electricity are.

Means-tested broadband is something that if approved by the government, would open up government subsidy to those less well off households to enable them to afford broadband - which ultimately then gives those households the medium to communicate, learn, seek employment, and find entertainment.

This is important not just during COVID time, but when the world goes back to some form of prior normality, as many would still struggle to afford the facility.

You can sign here to help get it gain coverage and popularity - https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-enable-uk-means-tested-broadband

Means-tested broadband is effectively a program to supply low-income households with broadband services. It has become more relevant in today’s climate with the covid pandemic forcing people to work from home.

Means-tested broadband is only currently a petition, however, with the community’s help, we can have this taken to parliament as it is a serious issue.

I’ve attached this link if you’d like to help out!:

Wow. In a ‘data age,’ I am very surprised that this hasn’t already been approved. Wifi has become inherent to modern education and communication methods. These are key facets in a child’s development and none should go without. This is a fantastic cause, I have signed!