What's your experience of Pine Media been?

Pine Media experience- Has it been good, bad or average? Did you get a well-managed installation? Are you happy with the speed? Let us know your experiences here!

Decided to go with Pine Media as my ISP in my new place. I had a slight difficulty with their website’s postcode checker but that was down to my place being a new build…so the postcode had not updated.

Called them to check and again…being a new place it is Gigabit-capable so opted for their GLO 100 package. Had a call with a helpful, friendly advisor called George who was very knowledgeable when answering my questions.

Instead of delivery, I chose to collect my router from their office. After finding the Openreach connections and waiting two minutes for it to set itself up, I had broadband…within 10 minutes of being in my new place. Telephone support was also on hand whenever needed. Considering I have heard you can wait up to a month for EE to install their packages, this was ideal!

Everything was straight forward. I have a consistent connection, getting the advertised speeds, the customer service was personal and friendly.

Still early days but so far, it’s been a great experience. It’s very telling of how much better Alt Nets can be.