Working from home horror stories!

Since most of us are working from home where we can, things are bound to have gone wrong!
What’s the worst thing that’s happened and how did you fix it? I and one other in the household are working from home. I maxed out the bandwidth one day and he got kicked from his call with the Chief Execs of this company! It’s fair to say, he was not happy! I think it’s time to invest in some faster fibre broadband!

I’ve had a game platform opened in the background that was automatically updating a few games, and it wasn’t set to a bandwidth limit, so it used all of the bandwidth, stopping my flat mate doing his work. He sent me a message saying he was about to reboot the router because he thought the connection had gone sour, but I had a quick look at my PC’s usage before he did and I managed to grab him before he knocked the whole thing off. :slight_smile:

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I think the horror story for me has been the power bill, Yikes!

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I have to go and stand in a corner of my flat next to the window to be able to have a decent convo on my phone :grimacing:

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One for the expense form, aye :wink:

That sounds both tedious and hilarious haha!