Best broadband package for the Elderly

Mothers Day is on the way and I’m sure this year many people will be using Zoom to talk to relatives instead of visiting them. For those relatives that may not have a fibre broadband connection yet and may only use it for email and zoom, what would you suggest for them?

Hi Jack

The best options for this type of scenario would be ADSL 2+, 40/10 FTTC as they’re relatively cheap and will allow your mom to perform her day-to-day activities without any hiccups.

Personally, I’d go for the 40/10 FTTC as it’ll provide the best experience for zoom calls.

Hope this helps!

Perfect! Thanks Oliver.

It just goes to show that ADSL may be old, but it certainly isn’t obsolete just yet.

Fibre may be the next big thing but ADSL is still a number one option for whole segments of the market!