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Continue to execute according to our method, and soon the website ranking will be done In fact, the standard for judging whether the SEO strategy is correct is very simple, that is, after the new website is optimized, whether the average ranking has risen to the second and third pages If it has been stuck in the 50-90, it means that there is a problem with the strategy The second student case The second student, originally ranked the fastest.

But because he often likes America Cell Phone Number List to change the homepage, the ranking has dropped a little bit, otherwise a big word has already reached the homepage In terms of keyword growth data, the entire SEO strategy is also in the process of positive growth The third student case In fact, the third student’s website is rather ugly, haha Because it looks like a traditional B2B official website style But the ranking effect is also beyond our expectations At present, many keywords of this student have reached the homepage, and the click unit price of the keywords is very high.

Inquiries can now be received in two to three days I just recently told me that the quality of the inquiries received is quite high, but because of the aesthetics of the website, it will make users feel distrustful, so foreigners will be more cautious when talking about payment for many orders (The importance of website packaging is also very important) Fourth student case He just quit his job and wanted to change his career to become a foreign trade SOHO Because the competition in the industry chosen by a website was too high, he re-created a website At present, his website is better than many website construction companies in our opinion, and it includes all the SEO knowledge points we mentioned.