Tips for speeding up provider support

Hi, I find it really irritating having to wait so long to get through to an operator when calling my broadband providers support line. Often, this is the better option to solve a problem than looking at their FAQ’s section as they’re not that helpful. Do you have any advice or tips for speeding this process up or handy things to mention to them? Thanks.

Hi Jack,

I would say that that sadly there’s no way to make them pick up the phone faster (although search for providers with great reviews that highlight the wait times perhaps?).

What you can do though is make sure that when you do get the on the line, you have more than just “my internet keesp dropping out” or “my internet is slow”.

Have evidence, times/dates, examples so that you get the right support then and there, so minimally you are not having to call more than once!

Also, keep them on the phone, don’t let them blast you off the phone. Ask questions, don’t feel like you need to know the technology. If they say something you don’t understand, ask them to explain in non-technical terms.

asically, if you are going to have to wait 30 mins to speak with them, make sure what you come awau with is of value and helps your issue!

Good luck

Some great tips here. This will definitely be beneficial to me next time I have an issue. Even if I can’t save time waiting to speak to them, I can in the call itself and that’s a big win! Thanks for your help.

Hi Jack

Unfortunately, there is no way to fast track support, however, there are ways to make your situation easier.

You can do this by first having a clear understanding of what you’re calling them about and what you want from the call. It’s also important to have the relevant information to hand so the call doesn’t have to be ended to retrieve information.

Though this is a workaround, one piece of advice would be to evaluate the provider before you purchase their services by reading/watching reviews of their support and services so you can have a good understanding of who will provide the best experience

Hope this helps!

I have noticed that there are some great tools to help with that on your site also. Combining that with your tips has been very helpful. thanks!