Who is the worst fibre broadband provider in the UK?

Let us know your horror stories here! Late installations, slow speed, shocking customer service… air your views now.

I think it has to be Virgin from what I have seen. I see Twitter blowing up regularly with complaints and this speaks volumes with a rating of 1 star, TalkTalk have 2.5!

From word of mouth and personal experience - Virgin and Sky. Virgin being the worst and Sky following closely behind.

The issues with Virgin appear to be mostly due to faults and network availability, and wait-times to get through to a support operator. A lot of people barking about having to wait up to 2 hours on hold before they get through to a person, often to be told to send in evidence to an email address, and await a response - which from my own experience was never received. Instead it’s followed up by the customer calling again and waiting a further hour or more to complain and continue with the investigation.

I can’t imagine the frustration of being cut off due to signal loss or accidentally touching the end-call button with your ear!

Complaints for Sky centre around service loss, and performance degradation, though they do appear much easier to get on the phone than Virgin.

From my own experience Virgin and Talk Talk take the crown for worst providers due to their constant issue but mostly due to the lack of customer care. The wait times are atrocious and when you do get through to someone you’re most likely going to be thrown around from department to department.

This is mostly the reason why I tend to recommend that people seeking new connections try to stay clear of these providers if possible.

If I could recommend one company I would have to be my current supplier Sky as whenever I have called with an issue I speak to someone almost immediately.

I have experienced signal loss from Sky also. They’re so inconsistent as well, sometimes lasting 5 minutes, others lasting hours.

Although I do live on the outskirts of a small rural town, so that’s the natural enemy of a healthy fibre broadband connection.