Access Point Temporarily full

Last night, after resetting my Wi-Fi, my Sky Broadband router it took longer than usual for the Wi-Fi so reconnect properly. Every time I attempted to connect with my phone I would get the message ‘Access point temporarily full’. What does this mean and how can I fix it if it happens again?

Hi Jack,

This looks to be a common problem among Sky customers at the moment. Whilst the message you’re getting isn’t in fact a message generated by Sky or the Sky hub, it is suggesting that there are too many devices connected to your router via WiFi.

Do you know exactly how many wireless devices you have? An easy way to check is if you log into the Sky hub, it will show you who/what is connected to WiFi at that time.

I’ve found this which may help -


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for clarifying this. We have probably around twenty devices connected to the router on and off so this explains why. On reading the forum thread you sent I can see that other users can comfortably have more devices on their router than this and if Sky says otherwise it’s just because “Sky cs reps love to trot out the device limit” as a way to get people off the phone.

It’s strange that this happened as it has never happened before. Do you think it was just struggling to take on all the devices whilst re-booting?

No worries Jack.

And I would imagine so, if it occurs again, I’d strongly recommend raising with Sky’s support team as it is not something I have ever seen or heard of on other ISP or thrid-party routers that’s for sure.

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Yes, it does seem isolated to Sky in particular. I will be interested to see what they say.

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