Best Wifi/ Fibre Broadband for rural living

Living out in the sticks has it’s limitations when it comes to fibre broadband. Often it’s limited to ADSL copper connections. What can I do to get the best out of what I have in a rural setting? Can you recommend any providers that have strong reputations for providing service to rural areas?

What area are you living in currently? Some rural areas have schemes for fibre, or have alt-net providers that aren’t always obvious to find when looking online.

A lot of rural settings are becoming good catchment areas for wireless broadband. Where fibre is still largely unavailable, wireless broadband works very much like having Sky TV… You have a dish/antenna fitted to your property, in line of sight to the closest wireless transmitter, and then they run an ethernet cable into your property, to which you then connect a router.

These connections can be expensive, and will tend to offer incremental bandwidth packages, which may include data limits.

It’s a good idea to search “wireless broadband in your area” online, and you might break lucky find you have that available.

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So I am based in Shropshire. I think Aquiss is an alt net fibre broadband provider based in the county but I am currently with Sky.

I have seen the Government Gigabit Voucher scheme but I am not sure if I would qualify for it:

I have noticed that wireless seems to be in a race with fibre at the moment, with Elon Musk’s Starlink being a new industry player. Which one do you think will have the most longevity?

If you live in a B4RN area then they are by far the best provider. 1 Gig symmetrical for £30 a month, a pure fibre to your home.

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