The best ISP in Wales

With St David’s day having just gone, I was wondering who the best ISP in Wales is?
I know there are providers like Spectrum and Bluewave- Dyfed Telecom also for 4G mobile broadband. With the big players like Plusnet and Sky being available there also- although I would expect be in more urban locations like Cardiff or Wrexham, who is best?

In terms of connection also, is FTTP widely available in Wales?

Hi Jack,

Perhaps this would be of some help on the FTTP question :slight_smile: Fibre to the premises (FTTP) ordering | GOV.WALES

The site has another useful page that helps identify providers - What are my options? | GOV.WALES

Wales Online has a post, granted it’s dated from 2019, but does have a ranking of 11 ISPs that provide to Wales, some of which offer FTTP - The best and worst broadband providers ranked and how to get a better deal - Wales Online

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