Openreach BT Availability Question

Hi Everyone,

I was out on my bike today and I saw BT Openreach doing some work on the road and at a green cabinet on the side of my road.

I asked them what they were doing but all they could tell me was that they were installing broadband for a customer down the road.

I did a web search but FTTP still isn’t available all that it is showing is Fibre on Demand.

Is there anywhere I can find anymore information, and see if fibre is available. I’m in Mansfield Nottinghamshire.

Thanks James.

Hi James,

Here’s a useful resource to see if they are likely to be rolling out FTTP to you BT Broadband (ignore the ADSL bit, it will show you everything).

To explain:
You’ll see in the image attached, that this street has VDSL, which is basically Super Fast/FTTC/Infinity call it what you will - fibre to the green box, the copper to your property. BUT

You will also see a service called GFast! This is an amplification of the VDSL service, which will then get you speeds up to 330Mbps, while still being fibre to the green box, then copper to your house.

You will see FTTP on Demand. Now this is where you have to pay £250+VAT for a survey, then you get some build costs for Openreach delivering this to you as a dedicated project (costly!).

Then right down the bottom, you will see “FTTP Priority Exchange - No”. So, our guess is that because this area has GFast, there’s no point Openreach making this exchange a priority for FTTP, so will be lower down the list for roll out.

See what you search returns and if you have any questions, let us know! Hope this helps.