Are Openreach visits inside the home permitted during lockdown?

I’m having a Fibre on Demand service delivered and Openreach need to do a survey. Will they come into my house whilst lockdown is still in operation?

There has been a recent update on this but in the main, Openreach have not limited visits as they had in the first lockdown in 2020.

You may be asked to advise if you, or anyone living at the property has returned a positive test in the past however many number of days, or if there is someone who is sheilding and you do not wish for them to come on site, there are ways to plan the installation by using photos of the internal route for the fibre, rather than Openreach operatives coming on-site.

It is also possible that the fibre can be pushed through and the ONT left hanging on it for you to afix to the wall, but this would all need to be arranged with Openreach themselves via your ISP.

Do make requests if you have concerns, but it is pretty much business as usual for FTTP delivery.