Can I have fibre run into my property (residential block of flats)

I’m a landlord and need to have fibre run into my property for the tennants but I don’t know who to contact and I can’t even get to speak to anyone at Openreach. Are there any other companies that will help?

Have you tried Fibre for developers ?

Openreach have a specialised team that deal with new developments. Something similar happened at the block of flats where I live, the building was a shell for 10 years, and was renovated into flats - they had Openreach put FTTP into every flat via this method.

Of course, that’s if FTTP is available in your area.

CityFibre also have a similar team that could help - Property - CityFibre

Alternatively, you could look at having a decent Ethernet product such as a leased line - these are delivered over fibre into a box called an NTE (network termination equipment). They tend to sit in networking cabinets, so if you wanted to take that approach, you’d require some lockable utility or storage room for it to be installed into. Then it would be up to you to cable the building’s internal network, including finding a router and switch to manage the splitting of the traffic for each flat.

You could then charge the tenants what you want for a fixed speed connection - the rental of the leased line would soon pay for itself.

They require an initial physical survey from an engineer to highlight the required work and any excess construction charges (ECCs) that the work would create.

Some of the construction charges are covered by the carrier (sometimes up to £3k), and certain areas have voucher schemes in place to allow you to get fast connectivity installed at a lower cost.


Hi RWT75

What product is it that you’re looking for specifically? Broadband or Leased line?