Starlink- the saviour of rural internet?

Starlink’s first UK user- Philip Hall has said that his internet speeds have jumped from 0.5mbps to 85 mbps! This is big news for the industry- some people on Twitter have been saying if Starlink can do what it claims they will abandon big providers like BT. With this being revolutionary for rural area for internet coverage, what do you think will happen? Would you consider Starlink?

Apparently, the service has been described as “better than nothing”.

Elon has got some work on his hands!

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I suppose nothing is alternative at the moment so it is doing it’s job!

Elon will definitely have work on his hands once other providers start rolling out in areas where Starlink is currently of use.

There’s an element of “coolness” to Starlink that I think will attract a lot of the more “geeky” clientele, me included, as it is very sci-fi. Already checked my address and I am able to get it. Not that I would though, as the speeds are sub-par compared to the terrestrial line that I’m on (FTTP).

Getting satellites into orbit is very expensive, and takes a lot of resource, so the chances are it will remain up there for years to come. There is a point though, that the satellites are designed to return to Earth on their own when they’re out of commission, which means if it didn’t work out, it’d be easy for Starlink to be decommissioned.

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Remember that coverage does not fully extend to the UK yet, so any figures obtained here are pure early beta. At latitudes where there is coverage, people are now reporting up to 400Mb/s down (not sure on the uplink figure). Latency is good, too - and capacity will improve with the new tranche of Starlink satellites supporting S2S hand-off. Of all the promised or actually emerging constellations, Starlink is the most advanced and is making the most rapid progress to market. Oneweb? Oh please… (Richard, who’s been tracking constellation proposals for >20 years!)