Superfast broadband bringing life back to rural areas?

When Arthur C. Clarke predicted the Internet all the way back in 1964, didn’t he say “Man will no longer commute, he will communicate”? It seems rural communities such as Arranmore have spotted an opportunity to capitalise on this notion in a bid to breathe new life into its dropping population!

This has got me wondering if rural communities will still drop once the fibre rollout is complete.

Will we continue to see brain drains to cities or will there be a rural renaissance?

What do you think and do you prefer to work from home or in the office?

Our highland community has been transformed in the last few years, with all properties, even the most remote farms, now having symmetrical gigabit FTTP - we had 0-1Mb/s before. People are moving into the area, new high tech businesses are being set up, existing businesses work far more effectively, and goodness knows where we’d have been during lockdown without it