Project Gigabit is here! What are your thoughts?

the UK Government’s Project Gigabit has arrived! What are your thoughts? Is this an upgrade on the previous scheme or just a continuation of it?

A Facebook user mentioned that "in its election manifesto the government promised to roll out gigabit broadband to every home in the country by 2025. Last November that commitment was changed to 85%. The total budget is £5bn - but only £1.2 billion for the period up to 2024. When will the rest arrive?

The first areas to benefit will be Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Tees Valley. The next roll out areas include Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Shropshire, Suffolk and Worcestershire."

It’s definitely good to see they’re putting money aside to help improve the infrastructure. Especially since most of those areas are rural, where we all know getting a decent network connection is a sorry game.

If I ever do re-locate to a rural village, I’ll be sure to do so when it’s beyond 2025! :slight_smile:

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Having spent a decade working with assorted UK and Scottish government programmes, all I can guarantee here is that whatever is promised will be reduced to the lowest common denominator, will be late, won’t deliver on the promised coverage and will incur huge overheads of entirely unnecessary consultants. That decade was almost entirely wasted: we’ve now done it ourselves and have symmetrical 1Gb/s to every property in our area.

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