So with 5G rolling out has anyone tried it yet?

Interested to get feedback on anyone who has tried mobile 5G speed. Is it noticeably faster? Where did you pick up coverage? Let us know how it was for you!

I’ve been with EE since the middle of August 2020, on their 5G. Coverage is not amazing, but where you can’t get 5G, 4G’s usually there en force.

I’m lucky enough to get it where I live, which I’d consider quite remote - and to get full reception indoors is fantastic. It means if my main broadband goes off, I can tether to my phone and get similar speeds (over 100Mbps). However 5G is pricey, especially when you start creeping towards “unlimited” data.

I’m looking forward to seeing an increase in 5G coverage - hopefully covering train routes and motorways too - which struggle with even 2G coverage…