High Speed broadband to become a legal right

In 2017 government made a commitment to give everyone in the UK access to speeds of at least 10 Mbps by 2020

Did they achieve this?

Sadly a lot of lowly subscribed or remote areas are still suffering speeds of <10Mbps. It’s almost as if there’s lack of urgency amongst the networks to complete the required upgrades and fibre rollout, or perhaps lack of boots on the ground/poor planning.

Whilst ever there are areas without anything better than ADSL, those areas will be subject to speeds anywhere from <1Mbps to 24Mbps. The worst-hit subscribers will be a fair distance from their broadband cabinets and the local exchange.

Rural areas have been pushed to the top of the fibre rollout list in order for the UK network to achieve their 2025 goal of ADSL being stopped. Some providers have already stopped taking ADSL orders!