What's the fastest fibre broadband currently available?

What are the fastest speeds for fibre broadband currently available on the market? Who is likely to use it and why?

The fastest broadband would be FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises), which is fully fibre from the exchange right up to the internal termination box at the property, also known as an ONT (optical network termination).

This offers speeds up to 940Mbps download and 115Mbps upload.

Whilst these speeds are highly desirable to anyone who is looking for fast internet access, be it residential or business, the question of who is likely to use it really comes down to how much traffic and what services they’re looking to use over it.

A home with 4 users, using it for video calls, streaming 4K or HD movies, playing online games, using Facebook and Instagram etc, will likely not need the higher end speeds as most of those services don’t pull data at those high speeds, but it does mean that you can do a lot more on the connection, given the larger bandwidth.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


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Only if you’re hanging off an antiquated GPON asymmetrical architecture - a proper P2P network will give you completely symmetrical access at whatever speed the ISP cares to switch and contract for backhaul. Most times that’s 1Gb/s symmetrical, a number of US providers are offering 2Gb/s and 10Gb/s is trivial to offer - it’s just that there’s not much of a case yet for doing so, as very few sites or services you’ll access would get anywhere near supporting that data rate.

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I have the fastest residential broadband available, it is 10megabit symmetrical. I have done speedtests to prove it. It is with an altnet called B4RN. Broadband for the rural north. It also supplies 1gigabit symmetrical for £30 a month. this is a link to my test video if anyone can do better… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYva_NKO-y8

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Hi Chris! Welcome to the Community :grin:
Those speeds are incredible! I highly doubt anyone’s going to do better for a while yet :clap:
Looking forward to the day I get speeds like that! Was this more of an experiment or is it something B4RN are looking to do for more homes?

B4RN are providing 10 gig free to small schools, but they wanted it testing on a normal residential connection with an ordinary customer, and feedback, so it had to be someone non technical, so that’s me then. It is now available for all customers. That is the beauty of real fibre, you can have ANY speed you need.

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