Could you cope with a 3 month outage? This BT customer has had to!

What would you do if your broadband was down for 3 months or longer? Would you be able to cope?

I know a company that had an outage for 2 weeks on their broadband. Was a retail shop, so they couldn’t take payments which was a disaster on top of everything else that’s going on.

Don’t BT have some sort of guarantee they should have to put on? 2 weeks is a joke, but 3 months!!! That is ridiculous.

I knew a company that was pretty much down for a month as their upload speed was stuck at 0. Their supplier was unable to prove the issue was on their end so they were unwilling to take responsibility. It was supposedly resolved by moving the user onto another circuit, however, the fact it took 1 month to resolve really does worry me!!