New Ofcom Ruling Effects

I noticed this week that there was a new OFCOM ruling giving BT free reign over its pricing strategy. How will this affect people that are already customers? Does it mean that if we are going to change provider do it quicker before the prices are changed?!

All I can say is I am glad I’m not with BT, nor do I think I’ll ever move to them! The bigger providers are scarily poor in terms of how they treat their customers, if you ask me.

Most domestic broadband providers will be using either Openreach or Virgin infrastructure, and you can source your own router for most of them, so the trick is reading into which of the smaller providers has the best customer rating, and a decent price to match.

The hardware is less of an issue, as whilst big ones like BT, Virgin, and Vodafone might offer their “pro” packages with the dongles and a WiFi booster, you can purchase third-party routers and dongles and WiFi extenders that do the same jobs. Yes, it does take a bit of technical know-how to set those things up, but for the most part it’s as simple as plugging them in, following a quick-start wizard, and away you go!


Here’s an article about the possible impacts:
In short, it’s just making things difficult for AltNets.