Parental control techniques

Here’s one for the parents!

Here are some router controls you can use to control screentime a little more…

CloudFlare for Families
By changing the DNS server IPs used by your router to and you get both Malware and and Adult Content filtering, free of charge and no further configuration. Read more at — The free app that makes your Internet faster.

OpenDNS Home
OpenDNS is a similar product from Cisco systems, which allows you to manage different categories of content to block. You need to sign up, and set up your router to use Ping-O-Matic’s Dynamic DNS service with the same login credentials. Read more at Home Free by OpenDNS

MacOS Parental Controls
Mac’s have some built features to help - everyone needs to be set up with an iCloud account and joined to the same family. You can then set bedtimes (with a spoken warning a few minutes ahead of time), how long individial applications can be used, and some web filtering. It was rather hit and miss before Catalina, but seems a bit more robust now. The same limits are applied to iPads and iPhones. More info at Families - Apple (UK)

Microsoft Family
Microsoft have similar functions built into Windows 10 - screentime, bedtimes, application limits. Read more at Microsoft Family Safety | Online Safety & Digital Wellbeing

Google Family Link
Google also have some controls for Android devices. Read more at

Any eager kid will eventually figure out how to circumvent these controls, and maybe that is a good challenge for them. I’m using a mix of and router settings at the moment.

What are other people using to manage their kids access?