Poor WiFi coverage at my student house

As I am currently living in a house with six other students, we have experienced a lot of broadband issues. As we all need to access our Zoom lectures relatively at the same time, it really strains the speed of our WiFi. We also experience coverage problems, for example, despite having two WiFi boosters installed, the coverage still struggles to reach my room whilst my housemate who’s room is located one floor above me almost never experiences any issues at all. Could this be an frequency band issue? Or an interference due to the amount of technology placed around the house?

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Hi Akrumina

A couple of questions first to understand your situation a bit better:

  • What are your Broadband speeds?
  • Where are the Wifi boosters in relation to your room?
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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your reply.

My Broadband speeds are about 5 Mbps, which obviously isn’t a lot.
The locations of the two boosters are- one of them is directly a floor above the router and the other one is two floors above the router, but on the other side of the house. They have been set up in such places to ensure that all tenants get Wi-Fi, but as you can see, that hasn’t worked out well.