WiFi Signal unable to reach specific rooms

For some reason, we have specific rooms in our house that barely get any WiFi signal from our router. The odd thing is, some rooms that are even further away from the router are able to get a decent signal whereas some rooms closer to the router barely get enough signal to register as a WiFi source.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

Hi Oliver,

Sounds like you could be experiencing some form of radio interference, or perhaps there’s denser materials between the closer rooms and the further-away rooms.

In the rooms that are closer, do you have any wireless devices such as Sonos hubs, smart plugs etc that are giving off their own SSID?

Another thing to take into account is how the antennae in the router/AP giving off your WiFi are set up. i.e. directional, omni-directional etc, as it could be as simple as re-positioning your router to focus the signal more optimally.

I hope this helps.