Rate your Router setup!

We want to see your router setup at home!

No judging- Cluttered Kitchens, busy bedrooms, we don’t mind!

Here’s my setup, hidden between the sofa and the armchair… chosen by a SKY Engineer!

tips on good router placement:

  • Upright
  • Facing towards you
  • In the middle of your home
  • Unobstructed by walls or furniture (especially not in a cupboard)
  • Not on the floor
  • Away from electrical devices like cordless phones and microwaves - these can interfere with your signal
  • Glass with a black tint can block signals (fancy TV stands)
  • Mirrors can block signals (Sliding wardrobes)
  • Keep out of bay windows (Steel beams can block signals)

wifi is a dark art. Getting total coverage in a home is almost impossible if you want to stream high quality. Added to the list above we’ve found cinderblock buildings block it, as does metal backed plasterboard (still very common) and the new insulation materials. There is no point in investing in fancy routers in these properties, far better to either run ethernet cable or buy a mesh. Even the cheap meshes are better than the most expensive routers.

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It certainly is a challenge to get the best connection in your home when your home is the thing you’re fighting against! Very interesting with the metal-backed plasterboard! I wonder if this will have to be altered as people convert homes to smart homes and add more devices :thinking:

That’s a great money-saving tip as well with going for cheap meshes rather than expensive routers :grinning:

Yes, some homes are a battlefield for sure. There are cheaper ways of ubiquitous quality wifi without rebuilding though!