Smart TV WIFI glitch

This weekend I discovered a very interesting glitch in my smart TV. For some reason it would not connect to the WIFI at all despite the correct password being entered. The problem ended up being the time and date settings needed updating. The TV had been set to ‘use broadcast time’. Switching this to ‘Use network time’ corrected the time and date and after this the TV accepted the password with no issues at all.

I’m assuming this happened because it was trying to connect to something with a different time and date and this trips it out. Does anyone know if that could be the cause?

Hope this helps!

That’s probably going to come in very useful for many. Me for certain because my LG smart TV likes to stop connecting to WiFi a lot, whilst all other devices are connected fine. I’ll give this a go the next time I have an issue. Thanks Jack!

As for the reason why the time would affect how/if it connects, I am unsure as WiFi networks aren’t usually dependant on time being synchronous between access point and device prior to connection.

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Just had an issue with my own Samsung smart TV similar to this.

Used your method and it sorted it!

Can’t thank you enough saved my skin there haha!

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Glad it came in handy!