Speed checkers and tests- which to use?

There are several websites available to run speed tests, including ISP’s own with TalkTalk speed checkers and Sky Fibre checkers. What are the differences and which should I be using to get the most accurate results?

One thing to keep in mind when using any speed test tool is that they’re all inaccurate. It’s down to a number of variables such as server capacity/load at the time you’re testing, how you’re testing the connection, where you’re testing to etc.

You’ve also got to take into consideration that you will most likely never see the entire bandwidth when performing a speed test due to overheads.

There are really too many variables for there to be the #1 speed test site as some websites work well for certain people and some dont.

When testing your connection the best thing to do is do multiple tests on multiple different sites in order to gain an average but still expect your results to be affected by the speed test websites.

Hope this helps!

Very helpful! this explains why I never get what I’m paying for :joy:
Thanks for your help!

What Oliver is saying is correct - they’re all inaccurate to a degree.

My best advice would be use a cabled PC/Laptop (that has a Gb capable network card fitted), and run to one of the more reputable speedtests sites, i.e. https://www.speedtest.net/ - better still, if you’re on Windows 10, download the Ookla Speedtest desktop app, as it will report more accurately than the website version. https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBLGGH4Z1JC


Agree totally, the ookla app, and try a few different servers, some are not very good, and even the good ones are busy sometimes, so take a few tests to get an idea of the rough speed of your device. All devices will vary. Old gadgets can only do 20meg, newer ones can do over 900mbps on ethernet.