Just had my 1Gbps fibre installed. Why am I only getting 430Mbps?

So this finally arrvied and due to the package being so similar to what I was paying before, I went for the full 1Gbps version.

On speed tests, it appears I am only getting 430Mbps, which is a regular output whenever I test, so why is that?

Hi RWT75

How are you testing your connection? Direct to our router via Ethernet? Through WiFi?

If you’re doing either of these I’d advise performing a test direct to the ONT (BT white box) as it would rule out an issue with your router.

You will need an ethernet cable and laptop to perform this test.

Here’s a guide that goes through this test step by step:

I thought the same thing when I got my 1 gig connection. I realised I needed a decent tester. I chose the ookla speedtest app. I couldn’t get a decent test via a browser. I also found many of the servers available didn’t go faster than 100mbps. I found a few good ones and tested from them. I found a great variety of tests depending on which gadget I was testing from. My old iphone only got 20meg. The android phone which is newer gets 300mbps. My laptop gets 450mbps on wifi if I am close to the router. It gets 940mbps on ethernet. All of my tests are symmetrical. Conclusion is, I am testing the speed of my device, not the speed of my connection. It is very difficult to measure a gig, as most places in the world are still so slow.