Temporary broadband

We’re having to move into a rental propperty while we have some renovations on our house. We’re only likely to be there for 5-6 months, so wanted to see if there are any fibre broadband providers that can provide a service on a monthly basis?

Hi RWT75,

You can actually find a few providers who offer monthly rolling “pay-as-you-go” broadband packages - even superfast fibre (FTTC). You might find these are slightly more expensive on the monthly rental than packages on a 12 month or greater contract length, but if you’re only planning to use it for up to 6 months or less, then you’ll likely still pay considerably less.

Be wary though, some of these providers may not have the ability to provision at your local exchange, this can usually be found out prior to actually placing an order, as most will tell you if the products are available to your postcode, and provide a reason for why if not.

I hope this helps.


Hi RWT75

Instead of having to go through the hassle of having an install, you could alternatively have a 4g service on a month-to-month contract.

You’re also able to select specific caps/limits to suit your needs i.e. 20,50,100GB Limit.