Best Wifi/ Fibre Broadband for Students

Having recently been a student myself, I understand the struggles of Wifi in student life. It’s Murphy’s law that the night before a deadline you’re bracing down to write an essay but your housemates are taking up the bandwidth with streaming, gaming and studying. But being a student, of course, the packages with better speeds are too expensive! Can anyone suggest a decent package that bridges the gap between speed and cost that would fit the bill for students?

I would recommend looking into NOW Broadband, which is NOW TV’s product. You can get their fibre package for less than £25 per month on a 12 month contract.

The issue some might come up against is based on where their student accommodation is, they might not be able to get fantastic speeds, and multiple students connected to a single broadband connection is going to present a host of problems in terms of how much of the bandwidth is being used. In an ideal world you’d have a broadband line per room, which of course if you’re sharing a flat or house, might not be the best approach.

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