Vodafone Pro Thoughts

Vodafone has just launched its new Pro Broadband. Have you used it yet? What are your thoughts? Is having a 4G dongle a good, real world idea for connection continuity?

I personally like the fact that they give you option to leave your contract if they can’t do as they promise instead of giving you money back, like most ISP’s.

It’s certainly a great idea if the Vodafone 4G coverage in the residing area is good. It certainly won’t provide the high speeds which their main line will, but it would allow users to stay connected somewhat until service is restored.

Sadly I have never used Vodafone as a provider so I’m unable to provide any personal experiences, but I have seen a few negative reviews here and there about Vodafone’s network availability being poor, and bad customer service (callers passed from pillar to post, left waiting on hold for ages, under-trained support agents etc).

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