Tricks for continuity of service

With Vodafone introducing their new 4G dongle as part of their ‘unbreakable’ Pro Broadband in order to prevent loss of service, it got me thinking. Are there any ways to do this with my current Router and provider and could this be cheaper than switching to Vodafone Pro?

As long as your router has USB WAN capabilities you should be sorted as the dongle will be handling the 4G connection.

In terms of the actual configuration you may need to refer to an online guide or manual.

Hope this helps!

Perfect! DIY ‘Unbreakable Broadband’ incoming! Would this do the job?

Hi Jack,

Sadly not, that one is just a WiFi adapter for a laptop or PC.

You’ll need something like this -

(SIM not included, so you have to source that from your preferred operator)

Be wary when purchasing a dongle for a router, as some routers have compatibility issues with certain dongle models. It’s always a good idea to research the router manufacturer’s website for any technical documentation that might reveal a compatibility list.

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