Potential life-hack with Vodafone Pro broadband?

Vodafone’s new ‘unbreakable’ broadband is only such since they have a 4G dongle with 50 GB on to pick up service if it drops. Would it be possible to remove the dongle and use it on other devices to boost the signal individually where needed? For example- using it on my PS4 to give it it’s own signal and reducing the strain on bandwidth.

Hi Jack,

I don’t believe the PS4 will work with a dongle, as they will only allow WiFi and Ethernet connections. The PS4 wouldn’t recognise the dongle when it was connected.

The dongle might benefit a laptop or PC when connected directly, however.

The 50GB allowance would soon be eaten up if it’s the only active connection, as tasks such as streaming movies, YouTube videos, and downloading games can use a lot of data in a short space of time. It’s probably best keeping the dongle connected to the router to allow it to function as a backup if the broadband were to drop out briefly.

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