PS4 with Ethernet cable issues

To boost my connection when gaming I have my PS4 connected via an ethernet cable to a booster. However, I regularly experience connection problems and lag still, despite the Sky technician ensuring me this would not be the problem. My quick fix for this is resetting the booster almost daily. What can I do to improve the connection permanently?

Does the booster connect to your router wirelessly?

If so it would be wise to invest in powerline adapters or run a really long ethernet cable to your PS4 as I believe the issue may be with the connection between the router and booster.

Yes, it’s wireless.

I would try that but the problem is my PS4 is in my room and the router is in the living room. To run a wire between the two would go straight through the house and wouldn’t be practical. Are there anymore options that would improve the signal?

Hi Jack,

You might want to look at Powerline Adaptors, which turn your home’s mains circuit into an Ethernet connection.

Something like this -

This is more reliable (in most circumstances) than WiFi, however it will only work if your home wiring between the two plugs is on the same “ring”/circuit.

One thing to note is that it’s still not a 100% solidly reliable connection, as electro-magnetic interference (EMI) from the circuit can cause packet loss just as you’d experience with a flaky WiFi connection, but all being well it should provide you with a better experience that if you were on WiFi.

I hope this helps.

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That’s a great idea! Thank you!

One thing I have just discovered is that the wireless infrastructure in the PS4 is better than wired. On my ethernet I was getting 8Mbps download. on wireless moving my booster to the landing I am getting as much as 34Mbps Download! Didn’t expect that but a handy tip all the same.

Hi Jack,

Could it be that the ethernet cable you’re using is causing that massive drop in speed?

The PS4 should be 10/100/1000Mbps capable, so the correct cable should yield the best speed (I believe the Sky router you have should be capable of 10/100Mbps speed connections via the ethernet ports).

The speed you’re seeing looks like it could be either a dodgy cable, or if you’re using a powerline adapter setup between the console and your router then perhaps one of the adapters or the electrical circuit between the two adapters is causing the massive reduction in speed.

If WiFi isn’t posing any problems for you anymore, by all means use it, but for online gaming, a wired connection is always preferred as the packet loss is much lower and response time faster.

Hopefully this helps you in some way :slight_smile: