What’s the difference between FTTC and FTTP?

Can anyone please explain the difference between FTTC and FTTP? It looks like FTTP is a fair bit more expensive at my address £33.99 vs £44.99 is it worth it?

These are just terms for different services.
FTTP = Fibre to the Premises (also know and FTTH - Fibre to the Home) and means that the service is delivered using fibre all the way, end to end, and as such can deliver speeds currenly up to 1Gbps on Openreach, or up to 2Gbps with people like Zzoomm https://zzoomm.com/ (if you’re lucky enough to live in their catchment area)

FTTC = Fibre to the Cabinet (also know as Infinity, VDSL, Superfast Fibre) and means that fibre runs from the local exchange to the street cabinet, but after that you will be connected using the standard copper phone line. Speeds are limited to a theoretical maximum of 80Mbps though unless you have GFast at your cabinet, which uses the same fibre/copper delivery, but amplifies the speeds and so you can get 300Mbps+

Here’s a pretty good explanation https://www.muo.com/tag/whats-difference-fttc-fttp-care/

Hi there, just to add to this, I can see I can get something called ADSL for even cheaper than FTTP/ FTTC. What is this and is it better?

Hi Jack

ADSL, performance wise, is the worst of the 3. It is a dated technology compared to FTTC and FTTP.

I would only recommend an ADSL product if it was literally your only option.

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