What's the difference between Bonding and Load balancing?

I need to increase my options at home, but am being offered bonded services and load balanced services?

What’s the difference, and anyone have any experience in terms of providers to use/avoid?

Basically, the easiest way to understand this (I hope!) is by using the analogy of roads, dual carriageways, motorways.

** Broadband Load Balancing**
This is where you use multiple connections to spread the “Load”. Imagine 100 cars, all trying to get to a destination on a single lane road with a 30Mph limit. It’s going to get congested and an overall slower, less smooth journey as a result.
Now add an extra lane, or two extra lanes and split those 100 cars over those lanes. Each lane still travels at 30Mph, but the overall the experience is better and less congested, even though the headline speed limit is the same.

Bonding Broadband
Now, Bonding is where you aggregate those three lanes, and the speed limit is tripled, so you have the capacity increase and the speed limit is raised to 90Mph.

For a more technical response, this is a decent explanation that has a useful table in there for show the differences.