Are Plusnet and BT the same company? If so, who should I buy from?

Someone told me Plusnet were owned by BT. If that is the case who should I go to for my broadband as it should be the same right?

BT Group acquired Plusnet in 2007, and Plusnet staff were all transferred to BT contracts in 2019 apparently.

Like many providers, they still use Openreach’s infrastructure, but their deals differ slightly form those which BT offer. A benefit of going with Plusnet is UK-based call centres, whilst BT tend to source their customer services overseas.

Same technology/infrastructure, one has UK call centres, the other overseas, difference in deals… You’ll also receive a different router depending whether you go BT or Plusnet.

Your best bet would be to have a look at which deals from either provider tickle your fancy.

Thanks, I’ll have a look online and see what is available.