How do I prove that I have a service issue?

So, how do I prove that that there is an issue with my service? I keep reporting the same issues with my service provider, but it never goes anywhere. Anyone have any advice?

Firstly it does depend upon the nature of the issue of course. But providing evidence of service faults needs to be done as diligently as you can if you want your provider to take action.
If for example you experience loss of service, first is to understand is this loss of service over Wifi, or total loss of service to the router.

One way to do this easily is to connect to your router and then use the admin details to log into it. You can then check the router statistics.

What service do you have and who are you with ?

Hi RWT75

Before we do any testing could you clarify what the issue is exactly?

This is crucial as its very helpful to diagnose an issue completely first before getting the carrier involved.

Just frequent drops. All the time. I’m with Plusnet and have a 2704n it looks like.

Hi RWT75

Are these drops with the Wi-Fi connection to your devices or with the actual service?