SKY SCAM? Asked to download team viewer

SKY are calling me saying there is a problem with my internet (it has been intermittent) and asking me to download ‘teamviewer’… i hung up…is this a scam call?

From the sounds of it, this is a scam and you are right to be wary. A few things to bear in mind:

  1. If an ISP calls you out of the blue regarding a potential fault (whether or not it happens to be the case), this is something I have never heard of. ISP’s just don’t proactively call customers about faults unless you have called them first.

  2. Teamviewer is a licensable peice of software for taking control of a remote users PC/Device. Unless you are 100% sure of who you are spekaing with, and the purpose of them taking control of your device, you should NEVER follow through on this instruction.

So, the advice for this, is the same for any other call, technical, banking whatever. If you receive a call and are unsure about the reasons/situation, you should:

  1. Hang up
  2. Call the service provider back, using the contact number on their website (do not return the call to the number that has called you)
  3. Confirm whether this was them or not and proceed as desired.
  4. Share your experience (and this post) far and wide to ensure that people are aware of the type of thing the scammers are doing, saying, asking. We can only protect one and other if we pass on what we know.

But, you certainly did the right thing in hanging up. By the way, there is further help on intermittent issues with Sky in this community if it helps!