What is WIFI Calling?

I have seen something on my phone called WIFI calling. What is it and where can I use it?

Hi Jack,

WiFi calling is a handy feature that a few mobile carriers are adopting to allow their customers to use their network whilst in signal blackspots (providing there’s a good WiFi connection with reliable broadband attached).

Effectively, when you enable WiFi calling, your phone will ring out over WiFi, using the internet to make the call instead of cellular. So long as you’re connected to WiFi, doesn’t matter where (and the internet is working), then you’re good to go.

I’m with EE, and whilst they have good coverage, I have found the WiFi calling useful. I would imagine for calling within buildings where the signal is near enough none-existent i.e. shopping complexes etc, WiFi calling would be a godsend.

I hope this helps!